After the public period of television and concerts, which sees her constantly changing makeup and hairstyles that dictate a style and make fashion despite herself, Mina decides to change and play with her image for the covers of her records.
Mina, with the precious help of Mauro Balletti, creates over the years a kaleidoscopic self-image formed by many metamorphoses. For the 1981 album "Salomè", Mina and Balletti invented an image that has remained in the collective imagination since then.
Mina with the beard is a modern Salome. This shot by Mauro Balletti takes place after a long make-up session where the beard is applied lock by lock to Mina's face in such a precise way that it seems real. Today this iconic photograph becomes an NFT, – Non-Fungible Token, that is, a non-replicable and non-replaceable piece.

An image of Mina which thus becomes a digital work with blockchain technology.

In two videos Mauro Balletti talks about the creation of this unique work.