Mina plays with her image and becomes a bodybuilder, it is an invention of Mina herself that Mauro Balletti made become reality.
In 1987 this image became the cover of the album “Rane supreme” and immediately aroused great interest and admiration.

This NFT, Non-Fungible Token, i.e. a non-replicable and non-replaceable piece, shows the image overlays that Balletti made by first photographing the bodybuilder model and then adding a beauty look of Mina's face with a make-up mask.

Photoshop, the digital photo processing program, had not yet been invented, and these steps are the result of both Balletti's genius and his manual skill.
The two photographs were cropped by hand and then superimposed and then rephotographed. The contours eliminated with the airbrush and a series of analogue graphic interventions.
Two videos by Mauro Balletti tell the story of the creation of this work.
An original image that thus becomes a digital work with Blockchain technology.