A bodybuilder Mina from behind does not show her face but her famous braid that falls softly on a powerful back. Almost an oxymoron in the image: the braid, symbol of femininity on a muscular body, symbol of virility. This photograph is part of the series of graphic and photographic elaborations created by Mauro Balletti for Mina's 1987 album “Rane supreme”.
Balletti, in an era still without Photoshop, invents a way to create this superposition of images and make them harmonious.
The NFT, – Non-Fungible Token, i.e. a non-replicable and non-replaceable piece, proposes the exact moment before the airbrush processing of the superimposed image.

In two videos Mauro Balletti talks about the creation of this unique work.

An unpublished photo that thus becomes a digital work with Blockchain technology.