Mina the bodybuilder is shown in different poses and images created specifically for the 1987 album “Rane supreme”. Inside the album there is an extraordinary Mina, the bodybuilder seen from above who seems to be at rest but also about to rise into all its might.
Mauro Balletti worked by superimposing the image of the man with Mina's face, trying to give the two shots, which were created separately, the right angle to make the final result harmonious.
This NFT, – Non-Fungible Token, i.e. a non-replicable and non-replaceable piece, reveals the different image levels and immortalises the processing phase before the graphic corrections made by Balletti to hide and camouflage the overlapping shots. An original image that thus becomes a digital work with Blockchain technology.
In two videos Mauro Balletti talks about the creation of this unique work.