1. Povero amore – Buttare l’amore | LP 45 Giri


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Edizione limitata numerata. 500 copie stampate.
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“Buttare l'amore” and “Povero amore” are two beautiful songs that Ferzan Özpetek chose to be part of the soundtrack of two film projects.

The first is contained in the series "The ignorant fairies", the second is contained in the film "New Olympus".

The two pieces are printed on 33 rpm vinyl and contained in a beautiful package enriched by a photo of Mauro Balletti.

Limited numbered edition.

500 copies printed.


(Fabrizio Berlincioni – Mauro Culotta)

Editions: PDU Music&Production SA


(Matteo Mancini – Gianni Bindi)

Editions: PDU Music&Production SA


Mastered in the PDU studios in Lugano by Celeste Frigo and Ugo Bongianni

Produced by: Massimiliano Pani

Cutting: Abbey Road Studio, London
Engineer: Alex Wharton
Galvanic: Stamper Discs, Sheffield
Printing of discs and graphic parts: Pozzoli SpA
Photo: Mauro Balletti
Graphics: Giuseppe Spada

Communications manager: Michele Di Lernia

The song "Povero amore" is contained in the film "Nuovo Olimpo".
The song “Buttare l'amore” is contained in the series “Le fate ignoranti”.

Both directed by Ferzan Özpetek.

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