Versione rimasterizzata in analogico nel 2024. LP in vinile da 180 grammi di colore nero.
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This album, recorded live in the studio, collects some of the most beautiful jazz standards played and sung by absolute champions.

Mina, Danilo Rea, Massimo Moriconi and Alfredo Golino accompany the listener on a journey into the tradition of the great American song in jazz.

To the wonderful ballads, intense and full of emotion as only Mina can do, are added songs orchestrated and arranged by another absolute champion: the maestro Gianni Ferrio. An unmissable songbook starting today on 180 gram vinyl.

In fact, the side of an LP to sound good should not exceed 20 minutes. The remaining 4 songs, to also be published on vinyl, will be included in the next new release in the Dilettevoli Eccedenze series.

All 13 tracks of this project of unreleased songs wanted by Mina in 2006 are however available digitally. The analogue vinyl record version is aimed at audiophiles and collectors who have been waiting for it for a long time

  1. I've got you under my skin 2'48''
    music and lyrics by Cole Porter
    © 1936 Chappell & Co. renewed and assigned to Robert H. Montgomery Jr, Trustee of the Cole Porter Musical & Literary Property
    trusts publication and allied rights assigned to Chappell & Co. music and lyrics by Cole Porter

Just a gigolo 3'28''music by Leonello Casucci – lyrics by Irving Caesar
© 1930 Warner Chappell North America (25%) and EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (75%)

Love me tender 4'36''music by Elvis Presley – lyrics by Vera Matson
© 1956 renewed 1984 Elvis Presley Music (BMI)
Worldwide Rights for Elvis Presley administered by Cherry River Music Co.

Over the rainbow 6'00''music by Harold Arlen – lyrics by Edward “Yip” Harburg
© 1938, 1939 (renewed 1966, 1967) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., and administered by EMI Feist Catalog Inc. Worldwide print Rights Control by Warners Bros. Publications Inc.

Anytime anywhere 3'57''music by Mary Imogene Carpenter – lyrics by Lenny Adelson © Keystone Music Co.

September song 2'48''music by Kurt Weill – lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
© 1958 renewed 1968 – Hampshire House Publishing Corp. and Chappell & Co.

Everything happens to me 3'15''music by Matt Dennis – lyrics by Tom Adair©1941 renewed 1968 – Dorsey Brothers Music Inc., a division of Music Sale Corporation, USA

Have yourself a merry little Christmas 4'00''music by Ralph Blane – lyrics by Hugh Martin©1943 (renewed) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.1944 (renewed) EMI Feist Catalog Inc. c/o EMI Music Publishing Inc. and Alfred Publishing Co. Inc. (print)

I'll be seeing you 5'48''music by Sammy Fain – lyrics by Irvin Kahal
© Marlo Music Corporation and Chappell & Co. Inc., Francis Day & Hunter Ltd. (50%) Redwood Music Ltd. (50%)

I'm glad there is you 4'25''music by Jimmy Dorsey – lyrics by Paul Madeira © 1941, 1942 (renewed) Morley Music Co.

Danilo Rea Piano and Fender

Massimo Moriconi Double bass

Alfredo Golino Drums

Strings arranged by Gianni Ferrio

Strings directed by Alvaro Piccioni

Violins I

Marco Serino, Francesco Peverini, Pierluigi Pietroniro, Riccardo Bonaccini, Filippo Fattorini, Alessandro Milana, Leonardo Alessandrini, Luca Bagagli,

Mervit Nesnas

Violins II

David Simonacci, Maurizio Tarsitani, Sara Scalabrelli, Gabriele Benigni, Maurizio Cappellari, Plamena Krumova, Natalya Nykolayishin, Fabiola Gaudio


Fausto Anzelmo, Margot Burton, Lorenzo Rundo, Gualtiero Tambè, Raffaele Schiavone, Federica Rizzo


Luca Pincini, Luca Peverini, Kyung-Mi lee, Alessandra Leardini

Double basses

Massimo Ceccarelli, Carla Tutino

Guitar on Love me tender and only on Anytime, Anywhere : Luca Meneghello

“Live in studio” recording made by Carmine Di

Strings recorded by Fabio Patrignani with the assistance of Davide Palmiotto

Mixing and mastering carried out by Celeste Frigo

Produced by Massimiliano Pani

Production collaboration: Ugo Bongianni

Photographs: Mauro Balletti

Illustrations: Gianni Ronco

Graphics: Mauro Balletti, Giuseppe Spada

Communications manager: Michele Di Lern

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