Versione rimasterizzata in analogico nel 2024. LP in vinile da 180 grammi di colore nero.
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For the first time, CARAMELLA is being released on vinyl, an original song project by Mina, initially published on CD in 2010.

This is a limited and numbered edition, with 500 copies printed

Year: 2023
Record label: PDU Music&Production SA
Distribution: pdumusic.com

1- YOU GET ME 4:52
Pam Sheyne/Teitur Lassen
Editions: Arlo and Betty Music (Ascap) – Shampeyne Songs LTD (BMI/PRS)

Mina/Seal duet

Seal's vocal produced by David Foster
Recorded and Mixed by Jochem Van Der Saag
Arrangement, programming and keyboards: Franco Serafini
Recording and mixing engineer: Celeste Frigo

2- IO E TE 4:55
Paolo Benvegnù/Andrea Franchi/Gionni Dall'Orto
Editions: Kizmaiaz – PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement, programming and keyboards: Franco Serafini
Guitars: Giorgio Cocilovo
Recording and mixing engineer: Celeste Frigo

3- IL POVERO E 4:34
Axel Pani
Editions: PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement, programming and keyboards: Franco Serafini
Guitars: Luca Meneghello
Trumpet: Franco Ambrosetti
Recording and mixing engineer: Celeste Frigo

Giorgia/Emanuel Lo-Giorgia
Editions: Girasole Edizioni Musicali Srl

Duet Mina/Giorgia

Production: Giorgia and Massimiliano Pani
Drums: Michael Bland
Bass: Sonny T.
Rhodes Piano and Minimoog: Sandro Centofanti
Guitars: Luca Meneghello
Keyboards: Emanuel Lo
Backing vocals: Gianni Ferrio
Recording engineer: Matteo Dolla
Mixing: Celeste Frigo

Lucio Dalla
Editions: Pressing Line Srl

Duet Mina/Lucio Dalla

Production and arrangement: Lucio Dalla, Roberto Costa, Beppe D'Onghia
Mastering: Maurizio Biancani at Fonoprint Mastering in Bologna © and ℗ Pressing Line – 2003

6- COSÌ COSÌ 5:16
Samuele Cerri/Massimo Moriconi
Editions: MBO – PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement and double bass: Massimo Morriconi
Drums: Ellade Bandini
Piano: Danilo Rea
Sax: Phil Woods
Recording and mixing engineer: Carmine Di

Massimiliano Casacci
Editions: Lo Sai Srl – PDU Music&Production SA

Production: Max Casacci and Ale Bavo
Programming, piano and keyboards: Ale Bavo
Guitars: Max Casacci
Drums and percussion: Enrico Matta
String supervision: Fabio Gurian
Recording engineers: Max Casacci and Gianni Condina at Casasonica Studio
Mixing: Celeste Frigo

Mauro Santoro
Editions: PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement: Massimiliano Pani and Ugo Bongianni
Drums: Lele Melotti
Bass: Lorenzo Poli
Keyboards: Ugo Bongianni
Electric and acoustic guitars: Luca Meneghello
Recording and mixing engineer: Celeste Frigo

Davide Dileo
Editions: AC Europerecords – PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement, performance and production: Davide Dileo
Mixing: Celeste Frigo

Fabrizio Berlincioni/Silvio Amato
Editions: PDU Music&Production SA

Arrangement: Massimiliano Pani and Nicolò Fragile
Direction and string arrangement: Gianni Ferrio
Drums: Alfredo Golino
Bass: Caporalebruno
Keyboards: Nicolò Fragile
Guitars: Luca Colombo
Recording engineer: Ignazio Morviducci
Mixing: Celeste Frigo

Remastered by Carmine Di in the PDU studios in Lugano in 2023

Cutting: Abbey Road Studio, London
Engineer: Alex Wharton
Galvanic: Stamper Discs, Sheffield
Printing of discs and graphic parts: Pozzoli SpA

Cover and photos: Mauro BallettiMakeup: Stefano Anselmo
Graphic reworking: Giuseppe Spada

Communications manager: Michele Di Lernia

Produced by Massimiliano Pani

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Distribution: PDU Music

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