Image created by Mauro Balletti for the interior of Mina's album, “Canarino Mannaro”, from 1994, which today becomes an NFT – Non Fungible Token, i.e. a non-replicable and non-replaceable piece. The photo documents the preparatory phase of the image designed for the double-page interior of Mina's album.
The photo of the inside of the "Canarino Mannaro" album was taken by hand, without the use of digital image processing programs. Mauro Balletti photographed a series of original eighteenth-century wigs and composed them by joining and overlapping them to create a sort of cloud that reaches two opposite profiles of Mina looking at each other. In the center of the image composed of various levels of both photographic and meaning, the cage containing a man swinging on the perch as if he were truly a canary.
This NFT shows all the overlapping layers as the unions between the different images that Balletti created.

Mauro Balletti talks about the creation of this unique work in some videos included in the NFT as unlockable content after purchase.

An original image that thus becomes a digital work with blockchain technology.